Eagle-Job’s shop-floor-control

Eagle-Job is an extensive, modern and fully web-based shop-floor-control system for monitoring the progress of orders, projects and activities. Eagle-Job logs and calculates the times, numbers and costs related to work orders, activities, equipment, cost centers and employees. Eagle-Job is part of the Eagle line of products, including time & attendance, access control, presence registration, visitor registration and meeting room management. The flexibility of Eagle-time guarantees a seamless integration into virtually any environment. This allows a conclusive analysis of all aspects.


Eagle-Job offers:

  • Access to the amount of time an employee has spent on a specific task
  • Accurate recording of how many hours are booked on a project
  • Comprehensive reports per order, project, customer, employee, cost cente
  • Integration with other modules of the Eagle line of products


All information is in a general or in the most detailed form. Depending on the chosen configuration, the level of detail will be provided. Thus, a single order level (e.g. a project) is monitored regardless of the activity. For example, you can also choose a configuration of three levels (work order / batch / part) with an activity of three levels (cost center / process / machine).


Product brochure Eagle-Job