Download updates

Below you will find a number of updates for our software products. If you are missing an update, feel free to contact us.

Important: If you do not have a maintenance contract, you cannot use these updates. Ignoring this warning could cause your software to stop working (correctly). In case of doubt contact our helpdesk first at


Available updates:

– NEW – DCM (Data Collector Module) (53,3 MB)

  • Treeview added
  • Added codings
  • GAPS Absence processing
  • 50bit support
  • GAPS Job processing
  • Report mailing
  • Balance reports and support for previous periods
  • Terminal folders
  • Query mode for X-line terminals
  • New blueprints
  • Several bugfixes
  • A function has been added to send fingerprints in combination with Zuchetti terminals
  • Virtual readers now possible for TRX and TRX-WEB terminals
  • New blueprint for Perfect Presence
  • New programming for the TRX and TRX-WEB terminal
  • TRX and TRX-WEB terminals are placed and updated in Eagle database (if virtual readers are defined)
  • TRX and TRX-WEB transactions can now go to the Eagle database

Attention when using the DCM in combination with the MI-xxxx terminals:
The firmware of the terminals needs to be v 2.2 or higher!
When in doubt: contact the GONEN AUTOMATION helpdesk.


Perfect-Time-Pro ( (40,6 MB)

  • The balance processing is improved in several respects
  • The time and job reports now take into account the users’ privileges profile
  • It is no longer possible to request or print data from employees if the logged in user does not have the corresponding privileges in his or her profile

Perfect-Time V3.3 ( (40,8 MB)
Perfect-Collector ( (2,88 MB)
Perfect-Presence ( (15,2 MB)
Perfect-Entry (1.3) (1,49 MB)