Gonen toolsBelow you will find a number tools for our products.

If you are missing a tool, feel free to call or email our helpdesk at


Available tools:

 – NEW – Lantronix DeviceInstaller versie (168 MB)
Also compatible with Windows 8 and both 32 and 64 bit

ATTENTION: DO NOT try to install the firmware for the XPort-05 on an XPort-03/04 or vice versa. Firmware for the XPort-05 is available. Every type of the XPort has it’s own *.LXI Diviceinstaller file, so everything can be updated to this version at the same time.

If you don’t know which model of XPort you have, please contact our support team by phone +31 78 652 07 20 or e-mail  .


 Gonen Support (5,07 MB)
 Gonen Meeting (4,57 MB)

 Silverlight (6,63 MB)
 GaSearch (34 kB)
Gonen Automations tool to search a network for terminals that are installed by us: Synel, MiDaph & Zucchetti/AxessTMC.
 TraxPortSetup (6,91 MB)
Zucchetti/AxessTMC diagnostic tool

 7100a B card setup (3,35 MB)
 F card setup (340 kB)
 Lantronix setup (607 kB)
 Collectorviewer (2,48 MB)
 Gonen Support (2,66 MB)