Eagle-Access for access control

toegangscontroleThe access control module Eagle-Access is a web-based application with an unmatched functionality. Every option you might wish to have in an access control system, you will find featured in Eagle-Access. This includes an unlimited number of persons, unlimited number of time-zones, day types and calendars. The system automatically generates fire reports and sends SMS text messages or emails in case of emergency. Eagle-Access is part of the Eagle suite, a comprehensive and fully integrated set of solutions for in and around a building.

Eagle-Access offers you:

  • The most advanced access control solutions available on the market
  • A clear and intuitive user interface
  • Complete integration with other Eagle modules for presence registration, visitor registration, parking management, camera observation, and more
  • Option to automatically send SMS text messages and emails

As you can expect from an access control system, it is possible to determine exactly who is allowed to enter where and when. The advanced functionalities enable you to set additional conditions about the state of doors, timers, counters and sensors to determine if a specific action, like opening of a gate, should take place. Another advanced feature are the command sets. Command sets allow you to execute multiple commands at the same time as a result of an event like an indicator from the intrusion system or from a fire alarm system.

Product brochure Eagle-Access