Eagle-Time for time & attendance

Eagle-Time is a complete, modern and fully web-based time & attendance system for processing the presence and absence of your employees. How complex de rules of your enterprise may be, Eagle-Time fully automates the process and makes it more efficient. All collective rules can be processed by the system and a broad range of reports can be printed.


Eagle-Time offers solutions for all segments in the market. From office to production, from retail to healthcare and everything in between. Eagle-Time is a part of the Eagle line of products, which includes modules for shop-floor-control, access control, presence registration, visitor registration and meeting room management. All products are fully integrated with each other with an MS-SQL database. Due to the openness of Eagle-Time,  its information can be transferred to and from various other systems, such as personnel and payroll systems, guaranteed. Booking terminals can be used for data collection, but data can also be entered manually. The flexibility of Eagle-time guarantees a seamless integration into virtually any environment.

Eagle-Time offers:

  • Automatic processing of all conceivable (collectiverules
  • Realtime insight and validation times
  • Self-service for employees
  • Numerous reports

Furthermore, employees have the opportunity to make their own timesheets and view their vacation balance onrequest. Employees can leave requests through Eagle-Time that managers can then approve.
Product brochure Eagle-Time