The Eagle product line uses 3 types of access control terminals:

  • Mi-2000 with 2 readers, 2 relays, 2 sensors with advanced features
  • Mi-4000 with 4 readers, 4 relays, 4 sensors with advanced features
  • Mi-8000 with 8 readers, 8 relays, 8 sensors with advanced features

Every terminal is equipped with a real-time clock which has a back-up battery in case power goes down. All terminals keep functioning even when there is no communication with the computer. In this case the terminal still receives information from readers, drives the relays and saves the transactions in its memory until communication with the computer is restored.



All access control terminals can work with a number of different types of readers such as magnetic stripe readers, proximity readers (125kHz), Mifare readers (13,56MHz), fingerprint readers and facial recognition readers. Multiple protocols are supported between readers and terminals, such as Clock/Data, Wiegand and RS-485.

The terminal supplies the readers with either 5V or 12V. The terminals can work on 110V / 60Hz and 220V / 50Hz. All terminals are CE certified and are RoHS conform.

In addition to the acces control terminals, the Eagle product line also contains 7 different bookings-terminals: the GT1, GT2, GT4, SuperTrax4, SuperTrax 7, X1 and the X2. More information about these terminals can be found in the terminals brochures. You can access the brocures by clicking on the link that is located beneath the images of the terminals (the name of the terminal).

Terminals for time & attendance, shop-floor-control (not all types) and presence registration:




X1 X2 X3
SuperTrax7 SuperGlas7



Terminals for access control and presence registration:


M1-2000 Mi-4000 Mi-8000