GONEN AUTOMATION has a tradition of bringing the most advanced products with the highest quality to the market. Our Research and Development department continuously follows the market trends and the evolving technology to ensure that our products keep their top position and competitive edge.

The state of the art hardware, combined with the most advanced software, enables GONEN AUTOMATION to offer top of the line products to its customers with special attention for user-friendliness.

Our vision is to deliver a complete solution with all modules fully integrated. Special features are available to enable easy interfacing with third party applications.

Products of GONEN AUTOMATION offer a solution for all aspects of registration in and around your building. The solutions include access controlpresence registrationvisitor registrationparking management, video observation, time & attendance and shop-floor-control, to mention but a few.

Further on this website you can find more information about our solutions and products. Use our contact form to request more information. Our prompt answer is ensured.


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