Eagle-Presence for presence registration

aanwezigheidsregistratie-mensenThe Eagle Presence Registration Module is the ideal solution for those who need to know (at a glance) which persons are present at what location. It is an indispensable system for receptionists, gatemen and security guards.

Eagle-Presence informs you:

  • In case of emergency: Who is in the building and if emergency trained personnel is present
  • At the reception desk: How many people are present and who is at what location
  • When leaving: Are you the last person in the building
  • When a person isn’t answering his phone: Is he out of the office, is he in another location, or he simply does not want to be disturbed


In case of emergency the Eagle Presence Registration Module immediately shows all required information. The fire report can be displayed on your screen or sent to any printer on the network. The fire report displays, for each mustering point and each department, who is present and where this person last punched in.

Product brochure Eagle presence registration