Eagle-Parking for parking management

parkeerbeheerWith the Eagle Parking Management Module multiple parking lots can be managed. You can define the number of vehicles per parking lot. In a simple way you can assign parking spaces to employees, visitors, residences and others. The graphic screen gives you in one glance information about the occupation level of each parking lot.

With Eagle-Parking you can:

  • Have a clear graphic overview of the availability of parking spaces
  • Reserve parking spaces for visitors, employees and others
  • Assign a specific number of places to a specific group


To reserve parking spaces for visitors, the system can automatically use the scheduled time of the meeting. If a parking space is full, the system will automatically assign an alternative parking lot. The Parking Management Module also has some advanced features such as assigning a limited number of spaces to a certain group, for instance when part of the parking lot is rented out. When the maximum number of allocated spaces of that group is reached, a car from that group can only enter if another car of that group has left.